Hampton Court Palace by Car
4 hour tour

Although it is probably best known for its association with King Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is a palace of two halves.

First we have the 16th Century Tudor Palace, built to impress the visiting dignitaries from both home and abroad. Henry married two of his wives here, his only son Edward was born here and his third wife Jane Seymour died here. Among the experiences will be the Tudor Kitchens and the Great Hall, fit to cater for 600 guests at a time!

The second half of the palace is a Baroque build developed for the Kings and Queens of the 17th and early 18th Centuries, containing rooms with splendid décor of the period. We’ll see the state rooms of King George I and the private apartments of King George II and his Queen Caroline.

We’ll also walk in the outstanding gardens, which are a match for any in England. And there’ll be an opportunity to tackle the famous Maze too – great fun for kids and adults alike.


Average travelling times: Central London to Hampton Court Palace = 50 mins
Average time spent on site: Hampton Court Palace = 2 hours

Brainy1 William Shakespeare performed plays in the Great Hall of Hampton Court Palace for King James I